Wynn From Above

Satellite Views of Wynn Las Vegas

Images Courtesy of Google Earth

The Wynn Hotel and Golf Course. Bounded by the Strip on the west and Paradise on the east.
Desert Inn Expressway is to the north and Sands Ave is to the South.

Las Vegas Architecture 2007

A Photo Documentation of Second-Century Las Vegas.

Fly Over Las Vegas

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The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Golf Course Satellite View

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The Front Entrance Driveway of the Wynn Hotel - From Free Google Earth.

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Wynn Closer-Up - From Free Google Earth.

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Wynn from the side. The cirlular areas are the Southgate and Westgate entrances and the Mountain Lake,

Wynn from the front with the Strip on the left and the curving Sands Road on the right.
The Fashion Show Cloud is at left bottom and the new Encore location is at left top.

The Wynn Main Entrance - Westgate Strip Driveway.

Desert Inn Expressway on left, with the Strip running crosswise in center. Frontier on left, at the Strip. Trump Tower
rising behind the Frontier. Mel Torme Drive from Industrial to the Strip. Fashion Show Mall, Spring Mountain Road,
Treasure Island and Mirage. Spring Mountain becomes Sands Road at the Strip. Wynn is left of Sands.
Left of the Wynn is the Encore location.

Wynn Lake. The very useful Fashion Show-to-Wynn-Walkway-Bridge is seen at left, over the Strip.

Wynn Lake & Terraces.

Ways to Wynn

Different roads to the Wynn Hotel.

The approach road from the east is the curved (yellow) Sands Road leading to the Southgate entry.
The Strip (yellow) allows south and north entry to the main entrance and parking garage.

The north & south approach from the I-15 freeway (blue) leads to Spring Mountain Road.

Coming from the west, take Desert Inn Expressway (red) to the Highland exit. Curve right & head down
the exit ramp, then turn left onto Highland and then right, at the light, (near Spearmint Rhino) onto
Mel Torme Drive, which leads straight into the Strip, where you can turn left and enter the parking garage.

Industrial Road (green) and the new Dean Martin Road, are good back ways into the Wynn.
Turn right onto Mel Torme or use Stardust Road, a block north, to get to the Strip.

From West Flamingo (red) over the I-15 overpass to the Strip (red) intersection and turn left.
Or turn right, off of Flamingo, onto Rio Road (green) down to Dean Martin (green), turn left,
at the light and follow the merge onto Industrial (behind the Mirage) down to Mel Torme Drive.
Frank Sinatra Drive (yellow) allows an easy backroad from hotels south of Ceasars.

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Mages courtesy of 'Google Earth 4'

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Your Complete Guide to the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel

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Above Las Vegas

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The Luxor Hotel.

High Over the Strip

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Photography by Erik Wunstell 2007

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